Lampholders, Sockets & Accessories
A complete range of lampholders and accessories is available. Fluorescent starters, lamp extractors, transformers, ballast's, lampholders & sockets complement our huge range of lamps, globes and tubes.


Panel Mount Indicators

We stock a comprehensive range of panel mount indicators in incandescent, neon and LED, ranging in hole diameter from 6mm up to 22mm



Zerust Corrosion

Zerust inhibitors deliver long term, inexpensive protection to metal surfaces within enclosed air space during storage, shipping and in-service applications. Each capsule contains a unique VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor). When removed from their sealed package, they automatically

emit an invisible, odourless, nontoxic vapour which saturates the surrounding air space and passivates metal surfaces against formation of airborne agents of corrosion. Benefits include easy installation, no cleanup or specialised labour to name a few.

Plastic Film and Bags are also available.




We now stock a large range of Batteries including : Alkaline and Super Heavy Duty Primary Cells (AAA, AA, C, D's, 9 and 6 volt lantern types), Button Cells (Watch, Calculator, Car Alarm and Photographic), Rechargeable (NiCad, NiMH and Lithium Cells), sealed
lead acid Batteries and others to suit Notebook Computers, Cellular and Cordless Phones, Camcorders, Cordless Tools and Emergency Exit Lighting.


Audible and Visual Alarms manufactured by Clifford and Snell. A wide range of electronic alarm sounders and flash beacons/strobes for fire and security systems and many industrial warning applications


Control Gear

We stock a range of Contactors, Overload relays and pushbuttons manufactured by MTE, and the DOLD range of relays and times for distribution and control systems.

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