Company Profile

HORNER BAWDEN was established in 1980 as a "Specialist Lamp Supplier". We import and distribute lamps of all types, shapes and sizes. This includes a large range of Incandescents, Neon's, LED's, Halogens, Fluorescents, U V and Discharge Lamps, for a multitude of uses and applications.

From our vast array of Worldwide Manufacturers and Suppliers, we have access to over 10 000 different lamp types, with over 3 000 of them being stocked in our warehouse: If we haven't got the lamp you require in stock, we will endeavour to source it for you. If we can't get it - it's probably not made.

Other products in our range include : Zerust Corrosion Inhibitors; Batteries; Glass fuses; Panel Mount Indicators; Yodalarm - Alarm equipment; MTE - Control gear; Dold relays & Timers;


Our Reputation for Fast and Reliable Supply of High Quality Products, Competitive Prices, Fast Delivery and Helpful Service from our Knowledgeable Staff, is well known amongst our Customers. We can arrange delivery Australia wide, and to any Continent of the World.


Please contact us with any Questions or Enquiries
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