Minature & Sub-miniature Lamps

Our range of miniature incandescent lamps include : wire terminal, telephone slide, midget groove and flange, Bi-pin, wedge base, festoon, Prefocus, BA5s, BA7s, BA9s, BA15d, B22, E5/5, E10, E12, E14, E17, & E27.

Sizes start from a tiny 2.3mm diameter and voltage range from 1.5v up to 260v

Most of these are also available in NEON, in voltages : 65v, 85v, 110v, 230v & 380v.

Applications in which miniature lamps are used is wide and varied. From industry in process controls & instrumentation, to domestic uses such as inside your electric & microwave ovens or torches. We can supply miniature lamps for all your needs.



LED Lamps

Multi-led lamps have been available & stocked for many years as an alternative to the miniature incandescent lamp. Most base types are available for direct replacements. Multi-led's are available in red, green & yellow colours.
We now have stocks of the new SINGLE-LED , which are available in red, green, yellow, blue and white colours.

Voltages available : 6v, 12v, 24v, 28v, 48v, 60v, 110v, & 230v.


Automotive Lamps

The automotive range includes lamps which are used for instrumentation, indication, stop, reverse, park, interior, headlight, high & low beam & spot lights. Incandescent & Halogen lamps are stocked for all types of cars, trucks, motorcycles and forklifts.

Navigation Lamps

Marine & Aviation Navigation lamps as well as Traffic & Railway signal lamps are stocked in our warehouse to suit almost every application.

  • Marine Navigation lamps used in : port, starboard, stern & masthead fittings.
  • Aviation Navigation lamps used in : approach, threshold, runway & taxiway lighting, aircraft undercarriage lighting.
  • Incandescent & Halogen traffic signal lamps.


General Lighting

tandard GLS incandescent lamps, candle shape, fancy round, ball shape, crown mirrored, reflector and striplights are all stocked. Some types are also available in Long-life and reinforced construction. GLS lamps are available in a wide

variety of voltages and wattage's, shapes and sizes, covering all general and special applications.

Our range of fluorescent tubes cover the standard colours, the tri-phosphor types as well as special colours for use in aquarium and butcher shops. The miniature (16mm), 26mm, 38mm and circular fluorescent tubes are all stocked as well as a comprehensive range of compact fluorescent tubes and electronic lamp types.

Halogen and Discharge Lamps

A complete range of Halogen lamps for lighting is available including : Bi-pins, Dichroic (MR11 & MR16), J (linear), JD (based) and JT (double envelope) types.
H.I.D (High Intensity Discharge) lamps include the group of lamps commonly known as Mercury Vapour, Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lamps. We carry these types in stock.

Reflector / PAR Lamps

This range of lamps include the PAR20 & PAR30 Halogen types, PAR38 and the Sealed Beam types :- PAR36, PAR 46, PAR 56 & PAR 64 lamps.

Projection Lamps

The Lamps in this grouping are used in Audiovisual and Projection equipment, Photography, Stage/Studio and Theatre lighting. From the lamp used in an overhead projector to the one used in a theatre spotlight, we are able to fulfill your requirements.


Scientific, UV & Special Application Lamps

Short Arc Xenon and Mercury, Metal Halide and Rare Earth Lamps are some of the different lamp types used in the science and technology industry, cinema & stage lighting, graphic arts and medical fields. These lamps are all available as well as Fluorescent UV tubes such as Blacklight, Blacklight Blue and the clear glass Germicidal.

Medical Lamps

Hundreds of different kinds of lamps are used within hospital, surgeries and clinics every day. Lamps used in operating theatre lighting, microscopes, endoscopes and other diagnostic equipment are all available.



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